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InspirationsLABOR Visibility for Creative Persons/ Marketing of Creative Products | Präsenz

In the workshop “Visibility for Creative Persons/ Marketing of Creative Products” as part of our InspirationsLABOR  you will hear a lecture of best cases and inspiration.

  • What you need when you decide to be public? First steps
    • analyse your experience
    • analyse your audience
    • what you will have and what you will loose
    • creating name of the brand
  • Social Networks – what works?
    • organise your time
    • make a schedule
    • good photos and videos
    • activity
  • Presentation of the creative product – online and offline
    • what you need to present + expenses
    • creative presentation
    • when you need offline presentation and what can it be
  • Marketing & PR channels – budget and steps
    • marketing vs PR
    • channels
    • how to create budget
  • Selling of the product – where and how
    • promo in shops
    • creating the package of the product
    • be your brand
  • Creative collaborations & events
    • trend : Art
    • little and VIP events

Leading the workshop Olena Lazutkina, Ukrainian book producer, started her activity in Kyiv in 2004 with the opening of a bookstore. Then she received a higher education in marketing and headed the marketing department of the all-Ukrainian book network “Book Supermarket” (24 stores). In 2014, she opened her own publishing house “Brand Book Publishing”, later renamed “Lazutkina Publishing House”.

Language: English

Date & Location


10:00 – 16:00 – with break

Kurfürstenstr. 126, 10785, Berlin at ISI e. V., 1st floor

NB: Die Anmeldung ist bis zu 3 Werktagen vor Kursbeginn möglich.


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 Beginnt am: 13.12.2023
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