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Kana Meilicke

About me

I am a visionary and passionate culture and social entrepreneur with a unique background in international law and experiences at organisations like the United Nations, NGOs, and Japanese foreign services. After years of fulfilling work, I embarked on a new journey of parenting four children for 11 years. Living abroad for over two decades and being a mother of four in a multicultural family further fuelled me commitment to breaking discrimination and fostering understanding. In 2021, an inspiring encounter with resilient artisan women and their crafts and arts in Rwanda inspired me to create Kaikô, a social business. Kaikô, meaning “encounters” in Japanese, aims to offer inspirational encounters with authentic beauty, diverse cultures, humanity, and resilience through exclusive artisan-made products. Since the launch of Kaikô, doors have swung open, presenting me with diverse roles as a social business entrepreneur, speaker, and lecturer. This organic evolution is a testament to the clarity of my profound purpose and vision—a world where women and children are treated with equality and empowerment. Whether through Kaikô or my public speaking engagements, these clear purpose and vision are my driving force.

My courses by I.S.I. e. V.

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